Favour H

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Favour Hezekiah also known as Favour H is a young talented gospel singer, songwriter, a true worshipper, fast rising gospel minister and a vocalist with heaven’s taste who hails from Abia State.
She is a spirit filled minister with the aim to touch the whole world, bringing healing, deliverance and restoration.
To her music isn’t just a profession or a hobby, music is her life!
Her sight gives you the impression that there’s nothing more beyond the looks but yet, in the dark skin lies a jewel with a voice so rich and strong, it will leave you spellbound.

Song Lyrics:


You are my hero} (×2). }
Jesus my}. } Superman}. }
You are my hero. }
Solo: Jesus I call you my hero
You are the only one
Who died for me
Took away my shame, failure ,and sickness
And you gave me victory…..
Chourse: you are my hero ×2
Jesus my supperman
You are my hero
Bridge: say hero ,hero
Supperman ,supperman
Hero ,hero
Shout hero ,hero
Scream supperman ,supperman
Supperman, supperman…
You my hero ×2
Jesus my supperman
You are my hero…

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