What is JC Records


The acronym JC is derived from the first initials of the name JESUS CHRIST our Lord and saviour, to whom all praise, honor, glory, adoration is due forever and ever.

What we do at JC Records.

– We brand
– We market and manage music recording
– We train artist on voice and skillful singing
– We Produce, Manufacture, Promote, Distribute and Enforce copyright protection of sound recordings and music videos.
– We scout and develop a new artists.
– We subsidize 30% of regular charges on your Music Production Project.
– We create a platform for our artist to showcase their talent.
– We re-produce half baked to fit into the market.

Our Vision Expanding God’s Kingdom through Music

JC Records stand against the negativity in music industry, the negativity with Hip/Hop, the glorification of drugs use, the disrespect of female, and racism of all types of local and international. We support music of all background and culture.

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123 Street, City, Province


Call: +234 806 774 7662